Walt Disney Studio Bulletin No. 12 : How to Catch, Build and Maintain the Interest of Spectator in the Picture

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From the collection of Hans Perk at A. Film L.A. and reprinted here with his permission.

The sketchiness in the handling of Persephone and Pluto in THE GODDESS OF SPRING developed a lack of interest in the plot of the story.

KING MIDAS - King Midas is in every scene and all he does is talk about himself. (Manuel)

21.Gags and actions appealing to the senses.

ORPHAN KITTENS - The pic appeals to the sense of smell, taste, warmth. (Karpe)

The shivering and crouching of the kittens did more to get over the feeling of the cold than did the snow. In any sensual feeling on the screen, the effect of the characters is much more effective in producing the sensual reaction in then audience than is the cause, be it smell, sound, touch, muscles, taste, temperature, or whatever it may be.

ORPHAN'S PICNIC - skidding bees was a gag appealing to the ears, eyes, and touch, the sound and sight of the bees influencing the ears and eyes of the audience, and the fear instilled by these appeals to the sense of touch. (Brightman)

ON ICE - When Pluto sat in the cold water after sitting in the fire, the audience literally cooled off with him. (Brightman)

22. Effects achieved by indirect suggestion.

The rubber glove sequence in

BROKEN TOYS was in indirect suggestion of the operation and its progress. As the life of the girl was ebbing, it slowed down and when the crisis was passed, it inflated again and started snapping its fingers. (Pfeiffer)

23. Stories that are memorable vs those which are easily forgotten.

THREE LITTLEPIGS is of course the most memorable story we have ever produced. It benefited from a certain psychological contribution from the audience not accorded later pictures that were equally as good technically. FLYING MOUSE, TORTOISE AND HARE and BAND CONCERT are memorable chiefly because they have one simple theme that moves ahead steadily to its solution. (Algar)