Walt Disney Studio Bulletin No. 12 : How to Catch, Build and Maintain the Interest of Spectator in the Picture

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From the collection of Hans Perk at A. Film L.A. and reprinted here with his permission.

POLO PICTURE. An interesting story could have been built around the gag of horses riding the players in POLO. This gag at the end was devoid of plant or build up. It seems quite superfluous. However, by building horse and rider personality and antagonism -- combining both with tiring of horses - by scheming or plotting in a huddle or between chukkers - it would be quite possible to establish a gag-fertile situation. If used with present POLO picture, it could have been an interesting "boomerang."

COCK O' THE WALK was a "contest" picture that just missed being successful. It contained a boomerang situation that could have been more convincing if the characters had been developed more thoroughly. The construction of the picture was weakened by the insertion of a musical sequence that tended to split the story in two. This section could have been bolstered if the two main dancers had been carried through the Warner Bros. burlesque as a unifying influence. The Caricca dance numbers, picturing first the Champ and then the pullet, then the hens, later pigeons, peacocks, eggs, worms, chicks, soon had the spectator's attention on a tangent far from the thread of the story. (Algar)

4. Actions and Pantomime vs Dialogue.

FLYING MOUSE was a picture built mostly around the pantomime of the little mouse. The basic situation of the picture was excellent. The little mouse who spent his time watching the birds fly and his desire to fly were a rare bit of pantomime. Kicking a stick when he was heartbroken was very well done, without the use of a spoken line.

Flying Mouse's desire to fly is expressed to spectator by pantomime long before he explains to the fairy queen that he "wants to fly." (Algar)

WATER BABIES - Every idea about the babies is put over through the medium of action, music or color - without dialogue.

MICKEY IN GIANTLAND - Built on action and pantomime of Mickey inside the giant's mouth. (Kahl)

GRASSHOPPER AND THE ANTS. When the ant reaches behind him and feels the Queen's scepter, recognizes it and scrams. (Kahl)

BAND CONCERT - Donald pulling the flutes out of his sleeve.

GRAND OPERA - Pluto and the hat. (Clemmons)

PLAYFUL PLUTO - Pluto and the flypaper.(Clemmons)

BROKEN TOYS - Depended too much on lyrics. (Penner)