Walt Disney Studio Bulletin No. 12 : How to Catch, Build and Maintain the Interest of Spectator in the Picture

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From the collection of Hans Perk at A. Film L.A. and reprinted here with his permission.

MUSIC LAND - An example of strengthening a picture by conflict between the classical and jazz kingdoms.

TORTOISE AND HARE - an excellent example of contrast and opposition, were the two characters; the slow and easy going Toby and the blue streak Maxie were exact opposites. Being such definite contrasts both characters strengthened the picture and gave it backbone. (Kelling)

GRASSHOPPER AND ANTS. Contrast one of the outstanding features of this picture, which is built on interlocking contrasts, the change of seasons, the change in the grasshopper's philosophy and his attitude toward life as expressed in his actions and his song, and even the change in the attitude of the ants toward him.

13.Jolt of a sudden turn of association in gags, reversals and surprises.

The jolt of a sudden turn of association is the essence of a gag. The Duck opening his mouth like a mechanical ash tray when Pete steps on his foot in MOVING DAY, shrieking brakes of auto when Hare comes to a stop in TORTOISE AND HARE, and Duck battling the mountain goat after the goat has butted him in MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS. (Algar)

ON ICE - When Donald is laughing himself sick over Pluto's predicament and is himself caught up by the wind and spun out over the ice - that is an unexpected reversal. (Bianca)

THROUGH THE MIRROR - The sudden turn in which the telephone talks to itself.

BUILDING A BUILDING - Steam shovel tipping its hat was unexpected and screwy. (Couch)

FIRE BRIGADE - Donald collects fire in bucket and throws it in the fish bowl where it goes up in smoke.

MOVING DAY - jolt with sudden turn. Situation looks bad for Mickey, Pete lights match and explosion blows up the house, throwing all their belongings into the truck, while Pete is caught in a bath tub suspended in mid air. (Youngquist)

In BAND CONCERT, the coincidental playing of William Tell Storm music, with the real storm that blows all the members off the bandstand.

In LULLABY LAND, the puffs of smoke become Bogey Men characters and go into song.(Landsman)