Action Analysis : Analysis and Discussion of Pole Vault and High Jump Action

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From the collection of Hans Perk at A. Film L.A. and reprinted here with his permission.

This gives his time to run underneath the pole. His right arm
is way back to start and his left arm is held with the elbow bent.
Then the left arm straightens out. In extending his arms he
shoves the pole forward. When the pole is in the hole it gives
his a change to slide his hand up.

J. ROBERTS: It isn't in the hole until after the
change of grip on the pole
LEFFINGWELL: It's in the air all tight. He's just
aiming it.
J. ROBERTS: He is moving the hand while he is aiming
the pole.

In other words, it's a throw into the hole - as he brings his
hand up the pole, he throws the pole ahead of him, and that throw
allows him time to slip the hand up the pole which brings the
hand over his head into position for the swing.

LEFFINGWELL: When he actually hits his arms are
right in position
J. ROBERTS: His hands have got to be together before
he swings up.

That's good observation on a very close point.

... He has to be in stride; one particular foot is forward
all the time.

He takes off with the foot closest to the pole - with the left

... He doesn't shove off at all - he just runs under
the pole.

There should be a certain amount of spring because there would
be a certain amount of foot action.

J. ROBERTS: What looks like a spring is the gather-
ing of the body for the push he's making. he starts
to gather his body long before he gets under the pole
or starts to push on the pole.

- The Swing -

As he swings he immediately brings his knees up. As he starts
pulling up his knees, his back is still pretty straight. As
soon as he starts curling up he begins to take up with a pull in
the arms. First the actual swing on the pole, his body arched
backwards - his body is still pretty straight and he's just [...]