Development Program : Staging as Applied to Presentation of Story and Gag Ideas

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From the collection of Hans Perk at A. Film L.A. and reprinted here with his permission.

[...] but look how it has improved since then.

Q. People used to remark how clever it was to make drawn figures move about the screen. Those same people no longer consider that clever, but are interested in whether or not the story is entertaining.

A. That is the end of the business that we must hit.

Q. Your story is what you are reaching out to the public with. Your animation is merely a tool.

Q. The importance of story is proven by the fact that "Three Little Pigs" was received so much better by the public than "Magician Mickey" or "Through the Mirror," which were much better in animation.

Q. The public has become accustomed to good animation. Now we need good stories.

Q. It is better, in animation, not to shoot for the moon, but to create characters we can do well.

Q. The subject matter defeats some pictures -- they are clever, but cold.

A. One must support the other -- the animator must keep up with the story development.

Q. It is easy enough for the Story Department to say "We'll use a prince," without considering whether the animator can animate it or not.

A. The character of Snow White would have been much easier for Ham if the Story Department had written into her some traits of character hat he could get hold of, from a story point.

Q. If the animator is given something basically good, before it is even animated, he can't miss.

A. It is the job of the Story Department and the Music Room to see that the animator gets that.

Q. Lay a little more stress on improving the situations and gags, and the animation will be forced to keep up with it. If you have a good, definite piece of business to do, the drawing just comes around to it.

Q. My firm belief is that drawing is the most essential thing for the animators to improve. To refer to the scene in "Snow White: of the dwarfs around the bier -- one of the reasons the audience did not laugh at that was because of the marvelous handling in the drawing of the characters. Another scene like that was the one [...]