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Educational Shorts

With the success of "Donald in Mathmagicland" and it's popularity among the educational community, Disney went full force into making educational shorts for schools. The following is a list of all we've been able to find. It is assumed that most of these were animated, or at least a mix of animation and live-action, but specifics on most are unknown at this time.


Tommy Tucker's Tooth
One boy, Tommy Tucker, brushes his teeth correctly while another, Jimmie Jones, does not. Tommy gets a job because of his appearance teaching Jimmie a lesson about proper tooth care.


Clara Cleans her Teeth
Clara is taught the reasons she should keep her teeth clean through an animated nightmare sequence.


How To Catch a Cold
An educational short made for Kleenex showing how to avoid catching a cold. Naturally, the use of Kleenex Tissues is a big help.


Professor Owl teaches his music class about melody and it's importance to the world of music.

Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom
A History of music through the ages, from prehistoric man to the modern symphony orchestra.


How to Have an Accident in the Home
J. J. Fate follows Donald through his day, showing how accidents can lurk in everyday occurences.

The Nature of Things


The Story of Anyburg USA
Anyburg, U.S.A. has a problem with automobile accidents, so the hapless auto is put on trial in a courtroom. In the end, though, the real culprit turns out to be the nut behind the wheel.

The Truth About Mother Goose
The historical backgrounds of three nursery rhymes (Little Jack Horner, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, and London Bridge) are uncovered.


How to Have an Accident at Work
A companion piece to the previous years' "How to Have an Accident at Home" follows the same accident-prone Donald to the workplace.

Donald in Mathmagicland
Donald wanders into a magical land where the beauty of the laws of mathematics unfold before him.


Donald and the Wheel
Donald Duck follows the invention and uses of the wheel, from early caveman times to modern usage.

The Litterbug
In the final Donald Duck short made, Donald shows various type of conscious and unconscious litterbugging.


A Storm Called Maria


Four Artists Paint One Tree


Goofy assays a number of roadway characters in showing the proper and polite way to drive on the freeway.

Donald's Fire Survival Plan
Donald Duck shows how to prevent fire in the home by using a bit of forethought and prevention.

Goofy's Freeway Trouble
A sequel to the earlier "Freewayphobia", this entry shows how proper automotive maintainence and driver alertness is essential to freeway safety.


One Day at Teton Marsh


Family Planning

Scrooge McDuck and Money
Huey, Dewey and Louie pay a visit to Uncle Scrooge. When they show an interest in becoming as rich as him, Scrooge gives them a musical lesson on money, banking, investing, and saving.

The Ceramic Mural


Of Cats and Men

The Wild Cat Family - The Cougar

The Wild Dog Family - The Coyote

The Weasel Family

Triangle of Health

The Deer Family

Of Horses and Men


Triangle of Health

What Should I Do? - The Fight

What Should I Do? - The Game


What Should I Do? - The New Girl

The Bear Family

The Beasts of Burden Family


Get the Message

Teeth are for Chewing


History Alive! - The Right of Dissent

The Great Search - Man's Need for Power and Energy

History Alive! - State's Rights

History Alive! - The Right of Petition

History Alive! - Democracy - Equality or Privilege?

Mrs. Peabody's Beach

The Magic Whistle

Leonardo Da Vinci - First Man of the Renaissance

History Alive! - Impeachment of a President


Alaska's Bush Pilot Heritage

John Muir: Father of Our National Parks

The Alaskan Gold Rush

How Alaska Joined the World

VD Attack Plan

Henry O. Tanner: Pioneer American Black Artist


Magic and Music



A Day in Nature's Community

If the Fergi Fits, Wear It (Or Turning T-Shirts Into Profit)

Barbara: Inside Out

History of Animation


The Reunion

Filming Nature's Mysteries


The People on Market Street - Property Rights and Pollution

The People on Market Street - Wages and Production

The People on Market Street - Scarcity and Planning

The People on Market Street - Market Clearing Price

The People on Market Street - Demand

The People on Market Street - Cost

Fergi Diversifies

Fergi Goes Inc.

The People on Market Street - Supply


Tricks of Our Trade

Fergi Meets the Challenge

Eyewitness to History - The Events

Eyewitness to History - The Lifestyles

Eyewitness to History - The People


The Truly Exceptional: Dan Haley

The National Student Traffic Safety Test

The Truly Exceptional: Tom and Virl Osmond

The Restless Sea

Incident at Hawk's Hill

Understanding Alcohol Use and Abuse

The National Student First Aid Test

The National Student Fire Safety Test

The National Student Recreational Safety Test

The International Student School Safety Test

The Truly Exceptional: Carol Johnston


The Atom: A Closer Look

Fit to be You: Muscles

Fit to be You: Heart and Lungs

Fit to be You: Flexibility and Body Composition

Rick, You're In: A Story About Mainstreaming

The Sky Trap

Foods and Fun: A Nutrition Adventure


The Cookie Kid

The Nick Price Story of Non-Manipulative Selling: The Voice: Questions That Help You Sell

Comets: Time Capsules of the Solar System

The Nick Price Story of Non-Manipulative Selling: A Better Way to Go: An Introduction to Non-Manipulative Selling

The Nick Price Story of Non-Manipulative Selling: The Danbury Secret of Flexible Behavior

Smoking: The Choice is Yours

Reaching Out: A Story About Mainstreaming


Close Up on the Planets

Computers: The Friendly Invasion

The Energy Savers

Speaking of Weathers

America Works...America Sings

Get it Right: Following Directions With Goofy

Fitness for Living: What is Physical Fitness?

Fitness for Living: Measuring Up

Fitness for Living: How to Get Fit

Buyer Be Wise


Fun to Be Fit: Why Be Physically Fit?

Computers: The Truth of the Matter

Decision Making: Critical Thought in Action

Disney's Wonderful World of Winter

Disney's Haunted Halloween

Skills for a New Technology: What a Kid Needs to Know Today: Living With Change

Skills for a New Technology: What a Kid Needs to Know Today: Living With Computers

A Goofy Look at Valentine's Day


The Time Travellers' Guide to Energy

Fun to Be Fit: Physical Fitness

Fun to Be Fit: Getting Physically Fit

Jiminy Crickett, P.S. (Problem Solver)

Skills for a New Technology: What a Kid Needs to Know Today: Basic Communication Skills


Child Molestation: Breaking the Silence

Destination: Science

Destination: Excellence

Destination: Communications

Destination: Careers

The Challenge of Survival: Water

The Challenge of Survival: Chemicals

Energy in Physics

Ethics in the Computer Age

Lights! Camera! Fractions!

Harold and His Amazing Green Plants

Now I Can Tell You My Secret

Fitness and Me: Why Exercise?

Fitness and Me: What is Fitness Exercise?

Fitness and Me: How to Exercise

EPCOT Advanced Information System

The Challenge of Survival: Land


On Your Own

Advice on Lice

A Time to Tell: Teen Sexual Abuse

Before It's Too Late - A Film on Teenage Suicide

Decimals: What's the Point


Expectations - A Story About Stress

Economics By Choice



Simple Machines: A Moving Experience