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"I'm No Fool" Shorts

The "I'm No Fool" series was a short series of educational shorts produced for the original "Mickey Mouse Club" back in the mid-fifties. Most featured Jiminy Cricket and each one centered on safety in regular human life. They were all relased as 16mm films to schools later. Some were updated in the late 1980's.

I'm No Fool ... With Safety at School
Jiminy Cricket and Pinnochio show how to behave safely at school.
I'm No Fool ... On Wheels
Pinnochio learns the safety rules for bicycles, roller skating, and skateboarding.
I'm No Fool ... In Unsafe Places II
An alien learns how to keep away from unsafe areas with the help of two children.
I'm No Fool ... In Unsafe Places
One of the lessons Pinnochio has to learn after becoming a real boy is how to recognize what is a safe play area and what is not.
I'm No Fool ... In an Emergency
How to react in an emergency is the point of this short as a police officer gets injured during a chase.
I'm No Fool ... In a Car
Proper automotive safety is explained after an alien unbuckles his seat belt and falls to earth.
I'm No Fool Having Fun
Jiminy Cricket shows how to have fun and recreation safely.
I'm No Fool with Fire
Jiminy Cricket gives a history of man's reliance on fire and shows how to handle it properly.
I'm No Fool with Electricity
Jiminy Cricket gives rules for avoiding electrical shocks by respecting electrical safety rules.
I'm No Fool With a Bicycle
Jiminy Cricket gives a short history of the bicycle and then shows proper safety rules for riding.
I'm No Fool as a Pedestrian
Jiminy Cricket shows the history of reckless driving and how to safely walk with traffic.
I'm No Fool in Water
Jiminy Cricket shows shows the proper way to behave while swimming and water safety rules.
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