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Wartime Shorts

In 1941 Disney had started making short films for the National Film Board of Canada supporting the sale of war bonds. But in 1942 with the beginning of World War 2, the Disney Studios were taken over by the military as part of the war effort. Taking advantage of the talent that hadn't been shipped off to the war, Disney produced a number of shorts for the armed forces, basically educational and morale shorts. The following is a list of all we've been able to find. It is assumed that most of these were animated, but specifics on most are unknown at this time.


Seven Wise Dwarves

The Thrifty Pig


Icing Conditions (Navy)

US Army Identification Series - WEFT and Warships (Navy)

US Army Identification Series - WEFT (Navy)

Protection Against Chemical Warfare (Navy)

Prelude to War (Army)

Know Your Enemy, Germany (Army)

Forming Methods (Navy)

Boys Anti-Tank Rifle [Stop that Tank] (National Film Board of Canada)

Blanking and Punching (Navy)

Bending and Curving (Navy)

Battle of Britain (Army)

Approaches and Landings (Navy)

Out of the Frying Pan Into the Firing Line

Aircraft Carrier Mat Approaches and Landings (Navy)

Aircraft Carrier Landing Signals (Navy)

Food Will Win the War

The Nazi's Strike [Campaign in Poland] (Army)

Aircraft Riveting (Navy)

Donald's Decision

All Together

The New Spirit


Battle of China (Army)

Battle of Russia (Army)

Basic Electricity

British Torpedo Plane Tactics (Navy)

Aeronca Project [Basic Maintenance of Primary Training Airplanes] (Army and Aeronca)

C-1 Autopilot

Carrier Rendezvous and Breakup (Navy)

The Cold Front (Navy)

Divide and Conquer (Army)

Beechcraft Maintenance and Repair (Beech Aircraft Corp. and Army)

The Aleutian Islands [A.D.C. Project] (Army)

Aircraft Welding (Navy)

Aircraft Carrier Landing Qualifications (Navy)

Air Masses and Fronts (Navy)

Der Fuehrer's Face

Education for Death

Fog (Navy)

The Spirit of '43

Reason and Emotion

Chicken Little

Air Transport Command (Navy)

Template Reproduction (Navy)

Fast Company (Army)

Fixed Gunnery and Fighter Tactics (Navy)

The Warm Front (Navy)

Thunderstorms (Navy)

Substitutions and Conversion (Army)

Rules of the Nautical Road (Navy)

The Occluded Front (Navy)

Mock-Up and Tooling (Navy)

The Mark 13-Modification I Aerial Torpedo (Navy)

Lofting and Layouts (Navy)

Know Your Enemy - Japan (Army)

High Level Precision Bombing (Army)

Heat Treating (Navy)

Minnepolis Honeywell Project [Auto Pilot] (Army)

V.T.B. Pilot Training (Navy)

Glider Training (Army)


Weather at War (Navy)

Howitzer,105mm M2A1 and Carriage M2, Principles of Operation (Army)

It's Your War, Too (Army)

Operation and Maintenance of the Electronic Turbo Supercharger (Army)

Theory of Simplex and Phantom Circuits (Army)

Your Job in Germany (Army)

Tuning Transmitters (Army)

Ward Care of Psychotic Patients (Army)

Weather for the Navigator (Navy)

The Howgozit Chart (Navy)

Battle of Cape Gloucester (Army)

Two Down and One to Go (Army)

Automotive Electricity for Military Vehicles (Army)

The Case of the Tremendous Trifle (Army)

Attack in the Pacific (OWI)

Fundamentals of Artillery Weapons (Army)

Basic Map Reading (Army)

Carburetion, Basic Principles (Army)

Electric Brakes, Principles of Operation (Army)

The Equatorial Front (Navy)

A Few Quick Facts #7 [Venereal Disease] (Army)

Flying the Weather Map (Navy)

Air Brakes, Principles of Operation (Army)


War Comes to America (Army)

Another Chance [UN Peace Charter] (Army)

Burma Campaign [The Stilwell Road] (Army)

Dental Health (Army)

On to Tokyo (Army)