A Note on Credits

While compiling this site, I have tried to make the lists of credits as correct as possible, but a few caveats should be regarded. The first problem is that, especially in the early years, Disney never kept a whole lot of records. Hence, to nail down who did what on a specific short, it was usually necessary to go back to signatures on sketch sheets, cells or whatever. To make matters more confusing, artists were not as categorized as they currently are. Job titles and assignments were fairly fluid. So you might have a single artist working on backgrounds, characters, or performing any number of roles on any given short.

In the mid 40's, however, finally bowing to pressure from his artists, Disney began listing credits at the beginning of each short. These credits were not meant to be complete, though, and really only listed the main artists responsible for the short. While each list may have only shown three or four animators, in reality there may have been up to eight or ten artists working on it. Not to mention the leagues of in-betweeners, inkers, painters, and other artists who never got mentioned.

We've been able to scrounge records around from a number of sources to get the best listings that are as accurate as we can get them. We have a few main sources :

Official Disney records are fairly complete for the shorts made from the mid 40's on, and at least for Director's credits for the earlier shorts. There are a few official filmographies that we've been able to obtain straight from the Disney Archives.

There are quite a few books that feature pencil sketches and such from which we've been able to cull verification of who worked on what short.

Alberto Page, a long time Disney historian and consultant has compiled a huge list of animators and their credits for all studios, not just Disney. So we've been able to piece together a lot of things from there.

Also, Hans Perk has been posting quite a few of the official animator's drafts at his A Film LA Blog which he has been gracious enough to allow us to repost here. Not only do these give us direct verification of credits, but also are able to show us which specific scene each animator worked on.

There are quite a few credits which we think would be legitimate, however we won't post anything based on simply assumption or guesswork in order to keep our listing as accurate as possible. Hence the caveat "may be incomplete" on each artists filmography.

So, when looking through a list of credits, please realize that it is not necessarily complete or specific in a lot of cases; just the best listing that we could verify.

Please also note that, if you follow the chronological links on each of the artists' pages, they should not be used as an exact chronological record. The entries were posted with the first credit we could verify. So it may not be an exact chronological record of when they joined the Disney studio, but a general chronological list.