A. Film L.A. is the "Los Angeles branch of A. Film A/S, Scandinavia's largest and Europe's most ambitious animation studio." This blog by Hans Perk is always interesting and informative and has been the source, thanks to the graciousness of its owner, for the animator's drafts and action analysis classes historical documents we've been able to post on the site.

Alberto Becattini is a teacher and author who has done a great deal of research into Disney comics and animation in general and has compiled a huge database of animators from which we are able to track down credits for this site.

Cartoon Brew; the blog of animation historians Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi gives daily reports of animation news and research.

The Cowan Collection; Bob Cowan's blog featuring his 20 year collection of animation art. Many thanks to Mr. Cowan for allowing us to use artwork from his collection on this site.

The Bray Animation Project is the result of Tom Stathes exhaustive research and collection of early silent animation from the Bray Studios.

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The Animation Celection

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The Disney Film Project is Ryan Kilpatrick's attempt to watch and comment on every Disney short and feature in order. In doing so, he gives an excellent historical overview of Disney through the years and his comments are always interesting and thoughtful.