House of Mouse

Season 1 : Episode 1 : The Stolen Cartoons

First Television Showing: January 13, 2001
Synopsis: Wanting to shut down the House of Mouse and kick out Mickey and his crew, Pete steals the day's cartoons.

Season 1 : Episode 2 : Big Bad Wolf Daddy

First Television Showing: January 27, 2001
Synopsis: Mickey is dismayed to learn that Donald has invited the Big Bad Wolf who has a tendancy to blow the house down to perform at the House of Mouse. (includes "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" performed by Big Bad Wolf Daddy)

Season 1 : Episode 3 : Three Caballeros

First Television Showing: February 3, 2001
Synopsis: When no one remembers Donald is the third member of the Three Caballeros, he sets out to redefine himself as the big star of the group... much to the chagrin of Mickey and everyone else. (Includes "We are the Caballeros" performed by The Three Caballeros)

Season 1 : Episode 4 : Goofy's Valentine Date

First Television Showing: February 10, 2001
Synopsis: Minnie and Daisy feel sorry for Goofy when he doesn't have a date for Valentine's date so they plan a "blind date" for him that ends with unexpected results.

Season 1 : Episode 5 : Timon and Pumbaa

First Television Showing: February 17, 2001
Synopsis: Special guests Timon & Pumbaa decide to split up and each go solo, Mickey's the one who has to try and get them back together.

Season 1 : Episode 6 : Jiminy Cricket

First Television Showing: February 24, 2001
Synopsis: When Jiminy Cricket leaves Pinocchio to become Mickey's conscience, Mickey must do what it takes to get them back together. (includes "I'm No Fool" performed by Jiminy Cricket.)

Season 1 : Episode 7 : Unplugged Club

First Television Showing: March 3, 2001
Synopsis: Pete shuts down the power at the House of Mouse in an attempt to stop the show, Mickey and the gang have to hurry to get everything rolling again.

Season 1 : Episode 8 : Gone Goofy

First Television Showing: March 10, 2001
Synopsis: The budget at the House of Mouse shows that one person needs to be fired and Donald's going to make certain that person is Goofy and not him.

Season 1 : Episode 9 : Rent Day

First Television Showing: March 17, 2001
Synopsis: Mickey accidentally spends the House of Mouse's rent money on cheese - now he must act quickly to raise enough money to pay landlord Pete before the end of the show.

Season 1 : Episode 10 : Donald's Lamp Trade

First Television Showing: March 24, 2001
Synopsis: Jafar convinces Donald that Mickey is NOT really his friend, so Donald agrees to get Jafar the lamp in order to get back at Mickey.

Season 1 : Episode 11 : Donald's Pumbaa Prank

First Television Showing: March 31, 2001
Synopsis: Pete uses an escalating prank rivalry between Mickey and Donald to corrupt the duck into attempting to stink up the House of Mouse with the unwilling aid of smelly warthog Pumbaa.

Season 1 : Episode 12 : Thanks to Minnie

First Television Showing: April 7, 2001
Synopsis: When Minnie thinks that she's not wanted at the club she quits, making everyone realize just how important she is to the show.

Season 1 : Episode 13 : Pluto Saves the Day

First Television Showing: April 14, 2001
Synopsis: Pete uses magic "sleeping apples" to try and shut down the House of Mouse, Pluto is the only one left who can save day.

Season 2 : Episode 1 : Daisy's Debut

First Television Showing: September 22, 2001
Synopsis: When Mickey decides to give Daisy her big chance to perform at the House of Mouse, Minnie starts to feel left out.(Includes "Mickey, Minnie and Daisy Song" performed by Mickey, Minnie and Daisy)

Season 2 : Episode 2 : Goofy For a Day

First Television Showing: September 29, 2001
Synopsis: When Max is embarrassed by his father's role at the club, the two switch places for the day so Max can learn how tough Goofy's job really is. (Includes "Soup or Salad, Fries or Biscuits" performed by Goofy)

Season 2 : Episode 3 : Clarabelle's Big Secret

First Television Showing: October 6, 2001
Synopsis: Clarabelle Cow's "Main Street Gossip" are boring old news, so she promises to reveal a really BIG secret -- which makes everyone in the club worried that the BIG secret might be about them.

Season 2 : Episode 4 : The Mouse Who Came to Dinner

First Television Showing: October 13, 2001
Synopsis: Mickey and the gang are hard-pressed to please restaurant reviewer Mortimer Mouse.

Season 2 : Episode 5 : Max's New Car

First Television Showing: November 3, 2001
Synopsis: When Max asks his father, Goofy, for a car, he must prove to his pop that he's responsible enough to own one.

Season 2 : Episode 6 : Everybody Loves Mickey

First Television Showing: November 17, 2001
Synopsis: Donald feels unneeded when Mickey gets all the attention in the club.

Season 2 : Episode 7 : Max's Embarassing Date

First Television Showing: January 12, 2002
Synopsis: When Max brings Roxanne on a date to the House of Mouse his efforts to keep his dad, Goofy, from embarrassing him fail and end up embarrassing him even more.

Season 2 : Episode 8 : Not Too Goofy

First Television Showing: January 19, 2002
Synopsis: When Mickey and the gang mention they're tired of Goofy's clumsy antics, Goofy makes an effort to become "un-Goofy". (Includes "Panchito Song" performed by Panchito.)

Season 2 : Episode 9 : Where's Minnie?

First Television Showing: January 26, 2002
Synopsis: Minnie sneaks down into the prop basement to find Mickey a surprise birthday present. When she doesn't return, Mickey fears that she's lost and organizes a rescue party.

Season 2 : Episode 10 : Super Goof

First Television Showing: February 2, 2002
Synopsis: Goofy becomes "Super Goof" when he unknowingly eats peanuts contaminated by a weird meteor from another galaxy.

Season 2 : Episode 11 : King Larry Swings In

First Television Showing: February 16, 2002
Synopsis: When King Louie's brother "Larry" visits the House of Mouse he wreaks havoc, but the rules about royalty give him diplomatic immunity.(Includes " I Wanna Be Like You" performed by King Larry.)

Season 2 : Episode 12 : Ladies Night

First Television Showing: February 23, 2002
Synopsis: Mickey and the boys take the evening off, leaving Minnie, Daisy and Clarabelle alone to run things their way.(Includes "Mortimer Mouse Song" performed by Clarabelle, Minnie & Daisy.)

Season 2 : Episode 13 : Dennis the Duck

First Television Showing: May 18, 2002
Synopsis: Donald has never thought the old black n' white cartoon characters were funny, but when a vintage character, Dennis the Duck, shows up he does his best to win over Donald.

Season 3 : Episode 1 : Suddenly Hades

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: On the hottest day of the year, Pete breaks the House of Mouse's air-conditioner with the hopes of driving away the customers and then shutting down Mickey and the gang for good. Problem is, Hades loves the heat.

Season 3 : Episode 2 : Pete's One Man Show

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: When Mickey agrees to let Pete star in the show the audience leaves. Mickey and gang have to rush around the club pretending to be the audience so Pete doesn't catch on that no one wants to see him perform.(Includes "Boom da Boom" performed by Pete.)

Season 3 : Episode 3 : House of Crime

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: It's a mystery when unexplained thefts occur at the House of Mouse, but surely Professor Ludwig Von Drake's new invention, the "Crimeputer," can solve it.

Season 3 : Episode 4 : Mickey and Minnie's Big Vacation

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: Mickey and Minnie's attempts to leave on a much-needed vacation are thwarted by Donald and Daisy's efforts to keep the show on track.

Season 3 : Episode 5 : Donald and the Aracuan Bird

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: The wacky Aracuan Bird is the special guest at the House of Mouse, much to the dismay of Donald who has to try to keep track of him.

Season 3 : Episode 6 : Goofy's Menu Magic

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: When Goofy takes over for chef Gus in the kitchen and instantly becomes a superstar, Mickey gets suspicious.

Season 3 : Episode 7 : Music Day

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: It's Music Day, but Huey, Dewey and Louie have called it quits as the House of Mouse band. It's up to Mickey and the gang to try and reunite them.

Season 3 : Episode 8 : House of Scrooge

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: Penny-pinching Scrooge McDuck takes over the House of Mouse, making everyone's life miserable with his cut-rate approach to show business as he slashes all the budgets.

Season 3 : Episode 9 : Donald Wants to Fly

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: Donald wishes he could fly and gets his chance when Peter Pan comes to the House of Mouse to perform.

Season 3 : Episode 10 : Dining Goofy

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: Goofy has nothing to do when his head-waiter duties are given to automated touch-screen computers and headset-wearing penguins. So he decides to help out everyone else with their jobs... with disastrous results.

Season 3 : Episode 11 : Chip 'n' Dale

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: On a day dedicated to Chip & Dale, someone's stealing all the nuts at the House of Mouse, it's up to Donald to get to the bottom of this "nutty" problem.

Season 3 : Episode 12 : Humphrey in the House

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: When the Magic Brooms go on vacation, Minnie hires Ranger Woodlore and his Brownstone Bears to be the House of Mouse clean-up crew.(Includes "In the Bag" performed by Humphrey and Ranger Woodlore)

Season 3 : Episode 13 : Ask Von Drake

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: When know-it-all Ludwig Von Drake seems to actually know it all, Mickey is out to prove him wrong.

Season 3 : Episode 14 : Salute to Sports

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: It's Sports Day at the House of Mouse and Donald tries to not lose his temper to prove to everyone that he can be a good sport.

Season 3 : Episode 15 : Pluto vs Figaro

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: When Pluto seems to have too much work around the club, Mickey and Minnie decide he could use Figaro as an assistant. The two get along just like cats and dogs.

Season 3 : Episode 16 : House of Magic

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: When the opening act fails to show up in time, Daisy volunteers to put on a magic show instead, but her magic ends up being all too real.

Season 3 : Episode 17 : Mickey vs Shelby

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: Mrs. Turtle shows up at the club, ready for her baby Shelby to perform. Mickey has his hands full... or empty rather, as he finds it nearly impossible to catch Shelby and get him on stage.

Season 3 : Episode 18 : House of Turkey

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: When the guest of honor, Mr. Turkey, shows up at the House of Mouse, he's worried that everyone is out to eat him-- and you know what? He's not entirely wrong.

Season 3 : Episode 19 : Pete's Christmas Caper

First Television Showing: September 2, 2002
Synopsis: Pete's plan to wreck Christmas at the House of Mouse by stealing all the presents backfires with hilarious results.

Season 3 : Episode 20 : Clarabelle's Christmas List

First Television Showing: December 2, 2002
Synopsis: Clarabelle Cow has gotten her hooves on Santa's "Naughty or Nice" list and is going to read it out loud at the end of the show. It's hard to keep it secret because EVERYONE wants to know just who exactly is on the "naughty" list.

Season 3 : Episode 21 : Snow Day

First Television Showing: February 25, 2003
Synopsis: It's the snowiest day of the season and the audience can't make it to the House of Mouse. It appears that everyone's going to get the day off... but no, Salty the Seal's the only one who made it and now everyone pitches in to perform for him.

Season 3 : Episode 22 : Halloween with Hades

First Television Showing: October 3, 2003
Synopsis: When Hades' amorous advances are rebuffed by Maleficent, he turns to Mickey to learn how to win her heart.

Season 3 : Episode 23 : House Ghosts

First Television Showing: October 10, 2003
Synopsis: In order to exact his revenge on the gang at the House of Mouse for making fun of his Halloween costume choices, Pete releases a trio of spooks to frighten everyone. (Includes "Grim Grinning Ghosts" performed by The Hitchhiking Ghosts)

Season 3 : Episode 24 : House of Genius

First Television Showing: October 17, 2003
Synopsis: When Mickey and the gang's performance at the club lags, Professor Von Drake creates robot duplicates to take over the show.

Season 3 : Episode 25 : Mickey and the Culture Clash

First Television Showing: October 24, 2003
Synopsis: Mickey thinks Minnie wants a new boyfriend who is more "sophisticated" so he does his best to try and change.