Mickey's Mouse Tracks

"Mickey's Mouse Tracks" is a show that used to show up again on The Disney Channel and was shown regularly on Toon Disney. It has since been discontinued. Although it was not possible to know what episode was going to be shown on any given day, the show did feature showings of some shorts that don't show up on "The Ink and Paint Club" along with some shorts made by the Fleischer brothers, and clips from the animated features.

The following list of shows was compiled as a project by Jon Cooke. Since Disney has not assigned any titles or numbers to the various episodes, episode numbers are random. It's not known whether the list is complete or not; we believe it is. If you see any episodes that are not listed here, please drop me a line. Be aware, also, that the short you see today may not be shown in the same way that it was originally made. Disney has of late become much more sensitive to racial stereotypes, smoking, or abnormally violent scenes, and has been cutting short scenes from some of the shorts. For a complete list, see the listing on this site for the short in question.

Episode 1

Crazy Over Daisy
Donald's Diary
Dude Duck

Episode 2

The Fire Chief
Goofy's Freeway Trouble
In Dutch

Episode 3

The Eyes Have It
Football (Now and Then)
Donald's Double Trouble
Trailer Horn

Episode 4

Officer Duck
Honey Harvester
Mickey's Garden

Episode 5

Bumble Boogie
More Kittens
Puppy Love

Episode 6

Snow Foolin' (Famous Studios)
Pluto's Playmate
Daddy Duck
Fathers Are People

Episode 7

Modern Inventions
Pluto's Party
The Simple Things

Episode 8

The Robber Kitten
Straight Shooters
The Bird Store
Bone Trouble

Episode 9

First Aiders
Gallopin' Gaucho
Drip Dippy Donald
You, the Human Animal

Episode 10

A Good Time for a Dime
Bee at the Beach
Hawaiian Holiday

Episode 11

Chef Donald
Pantry Pirate
Untitled scene from "Peter Pan"
Puss Café

Episode 12

Donald Applecore
You and Your Food
Bootle Beetle

Episode 13

Donald's Lucky Day
Building a Building

Episode 14

Gulliver Mickey
Chips Ahoy

Episode 15

Donald's Garden
Rugged Bear
The Cookie Carnival
Small Fry (Fleischer)

Episode 16

Boat Builders
Mickey's Polo Team
Toby Tortoise Returns

Episode 17

Springtime for Pluto
The Golden Touch

Episode 18

Mickey's Elephant
Magician Mickey
Tea for Two Hundred
Lucky Number

Episode 19

The Ugly Duckling
The Olympic Champ
Hooked Bear

Episode 20

Up a Tree
Test Pilot Donald
Pluto's Quin-puplets

Episode 21

Father Noah's Ark
Donald and the Wheel

Episode 22

King Neptune
Water Babies
The Story of Anyburg USA

Episode 23

Little Lambkins (Fleischer)
Bath Day
All the Cats Join In
The Autograph Hound

Episode 24

Camp Dog
You Can't Shoe a Horsefly (Fleischer)
Blue Bayou
I'm No Fool With a Bicycle

Episode 25

The Gorilla Mystery
Haunted House
The Mad Doctor

Episode 26

Cat Nap Pluto
Donald's Golf Game
The Cold Blooded Penguin

Episode 27

The Little Whirlwind
Mickey's Gala Premiere

Episode 28

The Mad Tea Party from "Alice in Wonderland"
Mail Dog
The Dognapper
Donald's Crime

Episode 29

Man's Best Friend
Early to Bed
Father's Day Off
Dumbell of the Yukon

Episode 30

The Band Concert
Cold Turkey
Mickey Cuts Up

Episode 31

Mr. Duck Steps Out
Bill Posters
The Cactus Kid
Crazy with the Heat

Episode 32

Hockey Homicide
The Country Cousin
Old MacDonald Duck

Episode 33

Mother Pluto
Lullabye Land
Mickey Plays Papa

Episode 34

Blame It on the Samba
Bone Bandit
Mickey's Choo Choo
Old Sequoia

Episode 35

The Bears and the Bees
T-Bone for Two
Three Little Pigs
Snubbed By a Snob (Fleischer)

Episode 36

The Art of Skiing
Donald's Penguin
Winter Storage
Greedy Humpty Dumpty (Fleischer)

Episode 37

Beach Picnic
Orphan's Picnic

Episode 38

The Brave Engineer
Put-Put Troubles
Rabbit Hole scene from "Alice in Wonderland"
They're Off

Episode 39

Baggage Buster
In the Bag
Pluto's Surprise Package
How to Fish

Episode 40

Cold War
Bugs in Love
Donald's Dog Laundry
Donald's Gold Mine

Episode 41

The Worm Turns
How to Dance
Bee on Guard

Episode 42

Mickey's Nightmare
Pluto's Judgement Day
The Sleep Walker
How to Sleep

Episode 43

Donald's Snow Fight
Cold Storage
Alpine Climbers

Episode 44

Susie the Little Blue Coupe
Whistle While You Work from "Snow White"
Pluto's Dream House

Episode 45

Sea Scouts
Steamboat Willie
Mickey and the Seal

Episode 46

The Fox Hunt
The Duck Hunt
The Flying Squirrel
Goofy and Wilbur

Episode 47

Pests of the West
The New Neighbor
All in a Nutshell
The Busy Beavers

Episode 48

Trombone Trouble
Cock o' the Walk
Dragon Around
Rescue Dog

Episode 49

The China Shop
Donald's Off Day
Corn Chips
Donald's Dream Voice

Episode 50

Let's Stick Together
Mickey's Amateurs
Bellboy Donald
Sheep Dog

Episode 51

The Trial of Donald Duck
Truant Officer Donald
The Brave Little Tailor

Episode 52

Thru the Mirror
Little Hiawatha
Uncle Donald's Ants

Episode 53

You and Your Sense of Touch
Just Mickey
How to Play Golf
Pluto and the Gopher

Episode 54

Hold That Pose
Clown of the Jungle
Donald's Ostrich

Episode 55

How to Play Baseball
Inferior Decorator
Pluto and the Armadillo
The Picnic

Episode 56

Tugboat Mickey
Wild Waves
The Big Wash
Donald's Vacation

Episode 57

Canine Patrol
The Little Stranger (Fleischer)
Mickey's Mechanical Man

Episode 58

Mickey Down Under
Ye Olden Days
Dumbo, the Flying Elephant from "Dumbo"
Father's Lion

Episode 59

The Greener Yard
Goofy's Glider
Disco Mickey

Episode 60

Cinderella's Surprise Dress from "Cinderella"
Pluto's House Warming
Canine Casanova

Episode 61

Mickey's Parrot
Tiger Trouble
Two-Gun Mickey

Episode 62

African Diary
Donald's Camera
Self Control

Episode 63

Tennis Racquet
Don's Fountain of Youth
The Riveter

Episode 64

Washing for Dinner from "Snow White"
Mickey's Trailer
Motor Mania
Soup's On

Episode 65

Birds in the Spring
Woodland Café
Wynken, Blynken and Nod

Episode 66

Noah's Ark
How to Swim

Episode 67

The Mad Dog
The Golden Eggs
Lend a Paw

Episode 68

Donald in Mathmagicland
Canvas Back Duck
Donald and Pluto

Episode 69

Double Dribble
Bearly Asleep
Foul Hunting

Episode 70

Sea Salts
Hello Aloha
Fishin' Around
The Whalers

Episode 71

Donald's Better Self

Episode 72

Squatter's Rights
Canine Caddy
Father's Weekend

Episode 73

How to Play Football
The Grocery Boy
Traffic Troubles

Episode 74

Untitled scene from "Sleeping Beauty"
Somewhere in Dreamland (Fleischer)
The Plastics Inventor
Goofy Gymnastics

Episode 75

Mickey's Delayed Date
Donald's Dilemma
Cured Duck
Pinocchio Comes to Life

Episode 76

R'coon Dawg
The Wayward Canary
Chip an' Dale
Bubble Bee

Episode 77

The Mad Tea Party from "Alice in Wonderland"
Clock Cleaners
Donald's Cousin Gus