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Walt Disney Presents

The Story of the Animated Drawing

Contains a small snippet of "Steamboat Willie" plus:
The Skeleton Dance

The Plausible Impossible

Walt Disney explains how his animators make the impossible seem realistic.
Thru the Mirror
Donald's Cousin Gus

The Goofy Success Story

The story of Goofy's rise to stardom features new animation.
Moving Day
Moose Hunters
How to Ride a Horse
Motor Mania

Adventures of Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney looks at the career of his longtime associate Mickey Mouse.
Alpine Climbers
Squatter's Rights
The Band Concert

Adventures in Color

Donald in Mathmagicland

Adventures in Fantasy

Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet

Adventures of Chip 'n' Dale

Chip 'n' Dale become guest hosts when Walt is unable to be there.
The Lone Chipmunks
Chicken in the Rough
Two Chips and a Miss
Donald Applecore
Chips Ahoy
Up a Tree

All About Magic

Walt Disney performs some "trick" magic and introduces the Magic Mirror, who hosts the rest of the show. Black and white program.
Trick or Treat
Magician Mickey

At Home with Donald Duck

A birthday party for Donald serves at the link for a showing of A birthday party for Donald serves at the link for a showing of a few shorts.
Donald's Happy Birthday
Mickey and the Seal
Foul Hunting
Pluto's Blue Note
Sea Salts

Baseball Fever

Slide, Donald, Slide
Casey Bats Again
Goofy Gymnastics
How to Play Baseball
Casey at the Bat

The Coyote's Lament

Walt Disney introduces the coyote's side of his troubles with man and dog.
Pests of the West
Camp Dog
Primitive Pluto
Sheep Dog
The Legend of Coyote Rock

A Day in the Life of Donald Duck

Donald Duck's life in the studio is intercut with four shorts.
Good Scouts
Drip Dippy Donald
The Vanishing Private
The Fire Chief

The Donald Duck Story

Walt Disney introduces the story of the creation of Donald Duck and his later career. Black and white program.
Orphan's Benefit
Honey Harvester
Tea for Two Hundred
Donald's Dream Voice
Three for Breakfast

Fourth Anniversary Show

A celebration of the first four years of the 'Disneyland' show.
Peter and the Wolf

The Goofy Adventure Story

Goofy's adventures through the ages is told through flashbacks to his ancestors.
Father's Lion
Tiger Trouble
For Whom the Bulls Toil
Californy 'er Bust
African Diary

More About Silly Symphonies

Walt Disney explains the background and introduces five Silly Symphonies.
The Grasshopper and the Ants
Farmyard Symphony
Wynken, Blynken and Nod
Who Killed Cock Robin?

How to Relax

Disney sits back and lets Goofy teach us how he relaxes.
Two Weeks Vacation
Hockey Homicide
Hold That Pose
Hello Aloha

On Vacation with Mickey Mouse and Friends

Jiminy Cricket tries to round up the gang when Walt calls on him to put together a show. He finds out that they are all on vacation, but showing how everyone is spending their vacation puts the show together for him.
Mickey's Trailer
Hawaiian Holiday
Dude Duck
Goofy and Wilbur
Bubble Bee
Canine Caddy

The Ranger of Brownstone

In the Bag
Hooked Bear
Rugged Bear
Beezy Bear
Bearly Asleep
Grin and Bear It

Your Host, Donald Duck

Donald takes his big chance to host the 'Disneyland' show to feature shorts about (who else?), himself.
Clown of the Jungle
Uncle Donald's Ants
Test Pilot Donald